The Tasting Room at Sip is Ready For Your Pop-Up

Posted April 9, 2015 by Cheryl Fenton in Eat & Drink

Chris Damian, chef/owner of Legendary Restaurant Group, is giving a little birthday present to his Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen.

As this hot spot eatery in Boston’s Theatre District nears its third year on the restaurant scene, Damian has altered its attached space. What once was home to the Avery Provisions shop has now become “The Tasting Room at Sip.”

Officially opening its doors this past Easter weekend with a special Pop Up Easter Brunch featuring Chef Josh Lewin and Katrina Jazayeri’s Bread & Salt Hospitality, The Tasting Room is more than an addition to Sip. You can consider this the newest addition to the forever-long list of hits in Legendary Restaurant Group’s portfolio (you might have heard of a few of their restaurants – Papagayo Restaurants, Burger Dive, Max & Dylans, and Scollay Square). This group is well-known for its concepts that are based specifically on meaningful interaction around food and wine. They don’t want you just to eat your food, they want you to experience it.

And when you visit The Tasting Room at Sip, that’s exactly what you will do. The new space hosts 48 seats in both traditional set up and communal tables, as well as a full service-bar, an open kitchen for peeking into, and sweeping floor-to-ceiling windows facing one of the city’s most bustling neighborhoods.

The culinary space’s main function is to host pop-up events, cooking classes, tailored team building events and private functions. In terms of what’s in store, your guess is as good as ours. Everything is very top secret, although we’ve tried to break the code, call in favors, ask all the right questions, etc.

The venue did assure us that they have several exciting events in the works and are currently behind closed doors (presumably with some incredible snacks) in talks with several notable pop up groups in town. But it’s all very hush hush. Whatever the future themed events or chefs involved, the excitement palpable. And the sky’s the limit in terms of what’s possible.

“It’s a space without an agenda,” says Damian in a press release that announded the opening along with the Easter Brunch. “With the increasing commercial and residential traffic growing by the day, we thought that creating a place where people could extend their ideas into a culinary space would fulfill a need.”

Yes, that could even mean you. Think up a dining concept you and your foodie friends might want to explore, and you can make it happen at The Tasting Room.

“If a company wants to take out their entire office and spend the day rolling sushi, we’ll set it up. If someone wants to try out a restaurant concept in the space, we’ll give it a shot. If someone wants a cooking class or night out with their friends and family, we’ll create it. We built it. Now it’s up to the neighborhood to do what they want with it.”

The Tasting Room at Sip is located at 581 Washington Street, Boston.