TODAY Show in Boston for Friday Field Trip

Posted February 15, 2013 by Sara Steele-Rogers in Downtown Boston
Throngs of people braved the cold at Quincy Market to watch the TODAY Show in Boston. Photo Credit:  t55z on Flickr

What, The TODAY Show in Boston? Yup, it’s true! Not even the remnants of Nemo could stop The TODAY Show from venturing up from New York City to explore what Beantown has to offer. To no surprise, Boston welcomed Matt and Savannah with open arms, despite their proclamation of New York Yankee loyalty! While some might be wondering “why Boston?”, we honestly can’t think of a better place for The TODAY Show to take their Friday Field Trip. Here’s why:


The TODAY Show prides itself on showcasing the diversity of our country, and their visit to Boston was no exception. As the show profiled various neighborhoods throughout the city, it was easy to be reminded that Downtown Crossing has become the hub of the city, attracting people from all parts of Greater Boston with food and drink, entertainment, and retail businesses.


Aside from the on-air neighborhood profiles, the crowd that gathered to greet The TODAY Show highlighted the sense of community that Boston prides itself on. How often do people gather in excitement on a weekday morning in frigid temperatures? Not often. Even The TODAY Show crew voiced its overwhelming appreciation of the Boston community. When it comes to Bostonians’ celebratating a common cause, not much can stop them.


While The TODAY Show featured some of the most prideful sports fans of the city, Bostonian enthusiasm isn’t limited to the Patriots, Bruins, or Red Sox. It’s just as applicable to The TODAY Show. Onlookers started gathering to welcome the crew in the wee hours of the morning, with the largest group arriving around 6 a.m. Many brought homemade signs that featured shout-outs to families, local universities, and Valentine’s Day–some even featured employment requests. Others brought more Boston-centric items, such as a Boston Cream Pie or a sash and tiara, which were worn proudly by the newly-crowned Miss Boston Morgan Berg.

Miss Boston, Morgan Berg (left), was among the enthusiastic fans to welcome the TODAY Show at their taping in Boston. Photo Credit: Morgan Berg

While Boston has continued to be the leader in the evolution of urbanism, it’s refreshing to take a step back in time and reflect on tradition and history–two themes that Boston prides itself on. Whether it’s the Boston Tea Party or the Boston Celtics being charter members of the NBA, stories of Boston’s history and tradition are shared from generation to generation, and The TODAY Show celebrated them in Boston’s on-air highlights.

Downtown Crossing: All This and More

The reasons why The TODAY Show visited Boston are also the reasons why people love to live and play in Downtown Crossing. Whether it’s a visit to the 1800s corset-store-turned-speakeasy Stoddard’s Food and Ale or a walk though the Old South Meeting House, it’s easy to see why The TODAY Show visited our beautiful city, and what makes downtown Boston so special.



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