Uber’s Competitive and Innovative Spirit Keeps Them on Top Beyond the Black Car Service

Posted June 27, 2013 by Dave Eisenberg in Business

Uber is fast becoming Boston’s favorite way of getting from point A to point B. Innovation has been the key to their success, connecting the convenience of a cell phone to the luxury of black car service to your door. They began with the ability to hail a ride from a towncar via an app available in Google Play and the Apple App Store, then added taxi service to the app last October, and officially launched their new UBERx service this month. They’ve continually come up with ways to stay at the top of their game as competition rises in the smartphone-based transportation hiring market.

“We think of ourselves as an alternative transportation network for the city,” said Uber manager Mike Pao. The company’s bread and butter continues to be catering to clientele that wants to ride in style, with clean and comfortable chaffeured luxury sedans or SUVs available at their fingertips, anytime. But Uber has expanded to offer even more. “As is the case for any network, you can make choices,” said Pao.

Uber’s three options play to a user base which is young and successful, the early adopters of technology integrated with everyday life. Sometimes showing up using a black car service wouldn’t send the right message, but neither would a taxi, which is where the new service fits in. UBERx dispatches hybrid and midsized vehicles to customers and offers a faster service by keeping a large fleet on the road. For their next iteration, they will start testing ride-sharing with future releases to the service.

“At the 2 a.m. bar break, certainly when people get out late at night on a Saturday night, it can be tough to get a ride home,” added Pao. “The demand for taxicabs goes up, and it’s the same thing with Uber.”

But let’s be real. Who wants to be competing for a cab at 2:30 in the morning with a bunch of drunks when you could beckon your own personal chauffeur? That’s what Uber offers, late at night or on demand anytime. The company has aimed to make itself one with the new look and feel of our fair city, and they continue making their name ubiquitous with successful start-up entrepreneurs in the Hub.

So whatever the time or situation, if you need a ride to or from downtown, you can call the taxi dispatcher and hope one is available, or you can try Uber. Who are you going to call?



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