Unlimited Movie Going Comes to Downtown Boston

Posted January 8, 2015 by Rosalind Saul in Downtown Boston
Loew's Theater Boston Common

If you think Netflix is awesome for feeding your at-home media addiction but prefer a movie-going experience that actually encourages you to leave the house, then hold onto your hats; your life just got way more awesome.

Starting in January, the AMC Loews Boston Common 19 at Avery and Tremont became one of just a handful of theatres to have instituted the MoviePass program for use in the Boston area.  MoviePass has been slowly debuting in big cities (New York, where MoviePass headquarters is housed, has hat access to the service since 2011); and due to its rampant popularity has been extended to cover 6 theatres in Boston (from Arlington to Brookline) as well as of this month.  With just a few taps, swipes, and clicks, unlimited movie going (yes, you read that right, unlimited movie going) is yours to command.

It’s extremely simple.  For about a dollar a day, you receive your MoviePass card and one set of login credentials to the MoviePass app (the app is available free for iPhone and Android devices).  Download the app on your phone or mobile device, and log in with your personal account.  You can then browse available theatres and show times for films in your area.  When you arrive at the theatre, use the app to check in to your location.  Once you check in, your MoviePass card will be charged with the funds for your tickets.  Take your MoviePass card to the ticket counter and purchase your movie ticket with the card as you would normally.

There are only a few small hitches: MoviePass is good for one movie in each 24-hour period.  As such, you will only be able to purchase tickets day-of-show and, as of right now, you must physically go to the theatre to procure those tickets.  The card will only be loaded with funds to purchase one ticket after you have checked in to the theater’s location via the app interface.  To check in, you must be within 100 yards of the theatre.  Basically, you have to physically go to the theatre before you can get your ticket or reserve your seat (which may be inconvenient for some moviegoers’ habits).  Additionally, while MoviePass is accepted at many theatres, a theatre must be in the MoviePass network to be eligible for the program.  You can double-check which theatres are in network via the MoviePass website: https://www.moviepass.com.

My first question was whether the card was sharable between multiple people.  While one MoviePass will only purchase one ticket per show per day, what if I had a friend I wanted to give that ticket to?  This is, technically, possible with MoviePass.  However, access to the tickets requires your MoviePass card as well as login to your MoviePass account via your device; so while it is feasible to share your MoviePass with someone else they will need to be able to use your MoviePass app login in order to pick up their tickets.

That being said, MoviePass does offer all-access movie going with no blackout show times or dates.  The only limitation is that 3D films are not eligible for MoviePass.  Still, if you frequent the AMC Loews Boston Common, MoviePass is certainly a much more feasible proposition for your budget than individual ticket purchasing.  Additionally, MoviePass is currently offering a two-week trial period; you can test all the benefits of this cool new service for free for two weeks before you commit to it on any longer term basis.  We think it’s a pretty rock star offer for any lover of film!