Valentine’s Day: The Top Three Romantic Restaurants in Downtown Boston

Posted February 5, 2014 by Cheryl Fenton in Downtown Boston
Les Zygomates

The heart holiday is upon us. That’s right. It’s the season of smooch. You can’t beat it, so why not join it? Here are three favorite romantic restaurants in Boston for bringing a little love to the table this Valentine’s Day. Reservations are a must with most, so don’t delay. The time for love (and calling for availability) is now. And for the love of social media, please put your phone away at dinner.

Les Zygomates: While you stare into each other’s eyes, your flames of love burning, sultry live jazz is flickering on the stage at this Leather District wine bar and bistro. Wait, is it getting hot in here? The focus of both vintage and gastronomy is classic French, which puts this spot on our list of romantic restaurants in Boston. And the menu sounds as sexy as you please, with dishes such as lobster crepe, charcuterie, escargot, and hearty beef bourguignonne. Not to mention the love-inducing extensive raw bar and intoxicating dessert bar.

Dessert at Troquet.

Dessert at Troquet. Photo Credit: Tim Sackton

Troquet: Want to impress with your Wine 101? Troquet is known far and wide for serving rare and elusive wines. If you’re looking for something special (perhaps a Bordeaux you sipped during your Parisian getaway last spring) you can even call ahead with a request. They have a rich, decadent French menu from Chef Scott Hebert—try the duo of Painted Hills beef with bordelaise, roasted Vermont suckling pig, or Valhrona chocolate souffle. Much like a good lover, Troquet likes you to take your time, so allow at least two hours of slow tempo for dinner. This allows more time for you to talk about the future, or gaze out at the wintery Boston Common, as you raise a glass of chianti to St. Valentine. Excuse me as I swoon.

Erbaluce: Sure, your love might remain constant, but they’re fickle over at this romantic northern Italian eatery, a constant winner of Best Italian by the Improper Bostonian and Boston. The ever-changing menu is a “one night stand” of love affairs, as Chef/owner Charles Draghi flirts with seasonal ingredients and evolves new dishes every evening. But change keeps the romance alive, n’est-ce pas? And they’re wild over there at Erbaluce, with ingredients such as wild boar, wild Concord grape mosto, wild arugula, wild mushrooms, need I go on? Many dishes are meant for sharing, and the Brownstone is full of fresh flowers and the comforts of a familiar place. Entwine your fingers across your intimate table in this dimly-lit enoteca and pretend you’re worlds away in a romantic Roman trattoria. That’s amore.



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