What New Restaurants Have Arrived Recently in Downtown Crossing?

Posted June 26, 2013 by Stephanie Dubick in Eat & Drink
Tomato Basil Classic Sandwic

If, like me, you’re an urbanite who orders take out more than twice a week and uses the oven for storage instead of cooking, the prospect of a new restaurant opening fills you with child-like excitement. It’s nice to have options—especially when it comes to food—and the addition of new restaurants in the city only livens up Boston’s already thriving restaurant scene. Here’s a list of recent restaurants in Downtown Crossing that have begun to make their mark:

Cheeseboy: My first exposure to the food truck universe was in Portland, Oregon, where rows upon rows of eclectic food truck varieties lined back-to-back for anyone who loved good food at a great price. When I moved back to Boston in 2011, the trend had apparently landed in Beantown (especially grilled-cheese-centered food trucks), and it’s still going strong.

Cheeseboy—”America’s first quick-serve grilled cheese restaurant,” with a to-go shop in South Station and several trucks around the city—opened it’s first brick-and-mortar sandwich shop on the corner of Washington and School Streets on May 27. With the opening, Cheeseboy brings its deliciously affordable, high-quality cheeses, fresh meats, homemade breads, and premium veggies to Downtown Crossing, boasting a commitment to supporting the community and putting customers first. This is a cheesy cause that all of us can get behind.

Genki Ya Sushi

Genki Ya will satisfy your sushi cravings in Downtown Crossing. Photo Credit: Bing Chen

Genki Ya: I have to admit that when I dine out, I don’t necessarily order the healthiest dish on the menu. I know that it’s better for me, but sometimes a salad just isn’t enough. And being that I’m a vegetarian, my restaurant options are fairly limited. When it comes to sushi, however, I’m guaranteed to be a customer for life when it’s done right. That’s why the newly opened Genki Ya Japanese restaurant on 232 Tremont Street is an exciting prospect—and it won’t have me running to the nearest convenience store to buy a snack afterward. With locations in Dedham, Brookline, and Harvard Square, Genki Ya has finally made its arrival to Downtown Crossing’s Theater District. This is one sushi fan who’s thrilled to try their fresh, organic Genki Ya Roll with tuna and the Agedashi Tofu vegetarian roll.

Pigalle(closed): For restaurant owners, vision and direction sometimes shift in entirely new directions. This happened with my dad. He used to own a restaurant in New England years ago—a tiny breakfast place in the suburbs that he eventually remodeled and revamped to give his business a jump start. If anyone understands the desire to revitalize, it’s Marc Orfaly.

For the past 12-years, Orfaly, the head chef of Parisian restaurant Pigalle (located on 75 Charles Street in Downtown Crossing) has successfully transformed his popular eatery into a downtown Boston staple. After a decade of serving French cuisine such as duck legs with blueberry sauce, couscous with mussels, and risotto, Orfaly closed Pigalle’s doors in the fall to re-concept and redesign his restaurant. Wanting to operate a business with a stronger focus on American-style food, Orfaly teamed up with Matt Camilleri (chef of The Biltmore in Newton and Local 149 in South Boston) to create a restaurant featuring “American-style fare”: craft beer, a raw bar, bar snacks, and an open kitchen. Pigalle is slated to open by the end of June.

Brand-new restaurants in Downtown Crossing are always a grand event. Whether you’re a fan of sushi, a lover of grilled cheese, or an oyster connoisseur, the handful of establishments making their mark on downtown will appease your taste.



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