Winners of BostInno’s 50 On Fire in the Heart of Downtown Boston

Posted December 13, 2013 by Luke Olsen in Business
2013's 50 On Fire pamphlets

BostInno’s second annual 50 On Fire took place on Thursday, December 5, 2013. Chase Garborino, co-founder and CEO of Streetwise Media (the company behind BostInno), said the aim of 50 On Fire was to “celebrate all the really innovative and interesting things across all industries in Boston that may not be getting enough attention.” In a city that has its own Innovation District, this idea is a perfect fit. Pioneers and fresh thinkers of all fields from across the city, including categories from business to food to technology, were nominated by Bostonians with the hope that they would be one of the 50 On Fire. Here’s a look at 3 of the winners located right here in downtown Boston.

In the Design category, Downtown Crossing’s Thoughtbot took the win. The minds behind Level Up’s analytics system and the front-end for one of MIT’s major online courses, Thoughtbot is comprised of a talented group of “expert designers and developers who turn your idea into the right product.” Their strategy is not to produce a cookie-cutter product and use it in as many applications as possible, but rather to design each product from the ground up with a client’s specific needs in mind. What is really interesting about Thoughtbot is that they are not secretive about their process; they’ve published their playbook, which is an awesome collection of information they have gained through their experience on how to bring an application to market in the most effective manner.

50 On Fire crowd

A great turnout for 2013’s 50 On Fire. Photo Credit: La Capoise Galerie

In the Dining & Retail category, jm Curley, the quietly-great gastropub, was among those leading in innovation. Featuring fresh takes on classic pub food (Salmon sliders, anyone?) and bold innovations (Such as the Shamrock Shock, an alcohol-infused dessert, which contains green creme de menthe and crushed Oreos.), jm Curley has separated itself from the pack of New American restaurants by “proudly serving local, native, indigenous, seasonal, fair trade, green, organic, all natural, hormone free, humanely-treated, recycled, sustainable, biodynamic livestock & agriculture.” In addition, their cocktails are something special — Thrillist has named them one of the Best Cocktail Bars in Boston, falling in the same category as Drink, which has been regarded as one of the worlds greatest cocktail bars.

Boston is known as being a bastion for innovation and technology, so it’s fitting that 20% of all 50 On Fire winners this year were in the Technology category. One of those winners was Kingston Street’s own Yesware. Bridging the gap between Salesforce and Gmail, Yesware is every salesperson’s and prospector’s best friend. For anyone who has used a CRM like Salesforce before, it is understood that syncing it with email is quite the hassle. Yesware aims to make this process seamless by automating the process entirely. Furthermore, Yesware provides the ability for salespeople to track their emails to see open rates, provide reply reminders, and view devices used to read these emails. Combine these features with reporting, analytics, team collaboration tools, and the ability to create custom email templates, and you get a product that is simply on fire.



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