Word of the DTX Transformation Spreads Beyond the Hub

Posted May 22, 2014 by Andrew Luke in Business

If you are a regular reader in this space, then you can easily attest to the fact that here at The Voice, we believe that Downtown Boston is not just an up-and-coming neighborhood…it has already arrived. Our archives are full of articles describing the changes that have steadily turned Downtown Crossing from a place deserted by commuters and Freedom Trail marchers come 5 o’clock, into one bustling with residents well past nightfall. These are the people moving into the growing number of new luxury developments in the downtown area, turning a commercial and retail zone into a true neighborhood.

This neighborhood renaissance has been well discussed locally, but now word of the groundbreaking changes has garnered national attention. The Wall Street Journal recently published its take on the effect of the surge in high-end construction in Downtown Boston. The article details how the downtown population has increased at ten times the rate of the city overall, and the role developers like Millennium Partners, (currently building Millennium Tower Boston, the city’s tallest residential high rise), has played in making the neighborhood a great place to live. Needless to say, we couldn’t agree more. Read the article here.


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